• 10/05/2016

    Communiqué from the Technical Committee Of Judges

    Once the Technical Committee of Judges has been constituted, please be informed regarding the following aspects:

    a) Conformation Technical Committee: the various responsibilities have been established as follows:
    - President: Ignacio Bravo García
    - Secretary: Víctor Huertas Vega
    - Member-at-large: Miguel Martínez Tébar

    This committee will be meeting at given intervals and as many times as deemed necessary by its members. In addition to analyzing competition judging, committee members have a formal commitment to attend various competitions throughout the year to supervise the judging at these events, to verify, on the grounds, that breed quality standards are met and that the Judging Manual is being applied correctly. A report will then be presented before this committee.

    b) Functionality Technical Committee: its members will carry out similar tasks as their counterparts but specifically for Functionality. This committee includes:
    - President: Mariano Santos Redondo
    - Secretary: Jorge Conde Lázaro

    For this committee to receive complaints, allegations and suggestions made by anyone participating in competitions, whether organizing committees, judges, breeders, riders, etc., a new means of communication has been established. It is an email address specific for the Technical Committee of Judges. Thus, the identity of the person making allegations remains confidential at all times, as only members of this Committee have access to this address. All incoming mail will be discussed at their meeting. For benefit of clarity, please be aware that anonymous complains will not be attended.

    Send your contributions to comitejueces@ancce.com

    Emails will not receive a direct and personalized response. Rather, it becomes a work order that is incorporated into the meetings. Within the scope of competencies that this committee has, recognized by the Competition Rules and Regulations, the corresponding decision will be made.

    In the hope that you take advantage of this new entity that seeks to instill order in conformation-functional competitions, we wish you the very best.

    Technical Committee of Judges
  • Source — ANCCE — 10/05/2016