• 05/12/2007

    Memo from the 2007 SICAB organizing committee

    MEMO FROM THE 2007 SICAB ORGANIZING COMMITTEE In the light of events that took place during SICAB 2007 and the communiqué offered by the legal representative of Yeguada Torreluna and, for the time being, without taking into consideration the legitimacy of the statements made while acknowledging the clear bias of the incident, the 2007 SICAB Organizing Committee would like to offer the following announcement: 1º) For any question or event that happened during the celebration of SICAB 2007, its Organizing Committee has reacted independently in the exercise of its responsibilities and in strict compliance with the current and applicable contest rules and regulations.   2º) All of the complaints and allegations lodged by participants have been officially communicated in legal format, with the corresponding resolutions having been adopted and notified based on documents, files and registration files, against which the interested parties have the legitimate right to exercise the corresponding actions. 3º) Likewise, the complaints and allegations presented by Yeguada Torreluna have been treated in the same manner as any other participant, stated in the files of the organization for which proceedings have begun and have been resolved by agreements adopted initially by the Organizing and Admission Committees and later by the Superior Appeals Committee. 4º) The Organizing Committee neither can, nor should, enter into debate on the questions included in the proceedings outside the legal framework, notwithstanding conversations or any informal meeting that members may have held with the interested parties to clarify and solve any of the aforementioned problems. 2007 SICAB ORGANIZING COMMITTE
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/12/2007