• 04/05/2016

    New advertising space on the Official Competition App

    ANCCE inaugurates a new advertising space. Starting tomorrow, the Official Competition App will have a new communication platform with publicity. Thanks to the success of downloads and visits—launched since last September—and the repeated requests from breeders for this service, the new ANCCE channel will include advertising.

    The format includes a band that appears on the upper section of your tablet or smartphone screen and on the Conformation Competition web site at www.concursosancce.com, with space for fifteen advertisers. Given the current repercussions of this application, it is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to promote your stud farm or equine-related business.

    Ads are valid for one year as of the date of publication. Fees are listed below:


    Given the limited amount of space, it is impossible to attend all those who would like to advertise; please formalize your request as soon as possible. Advertising requests will be attended on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once your email request for has been received, we will immediately be informed whether or not your advertising space has been reserved. If your request has been accepted, you will receive a formal contract, which needs to be signed and returned.

    Contrary to other communication channels, the ANCCE Competition App is unique as it offers official results and the genealogies of the PRE horses participating in Conformation and Dressage. Once downloaded, without opening your navigator, introduce the web address or use your search engine to quickly access results, qualifications, scores, rules, videos, photos, etc. Furthermore, and as exclusive information, you can follow Conformation Competitions live! View the judge’s scores, learn about improvements throughout the season, download official genealogies as provided by the ANCCE PRE Stud Book for each participating horse and search historic competitions.

    Enjoy the best guide for PRE Conformation and Dressage Competition results! It’s free at the Apple Store for your iPhone and at Play Store for your Android!
  • Source — ANCCE — 04/05/2016