• 29/04/2016

    ANCCE President meets with Catalonian breeders

    The meeting was held last Tuesday, the 26th of April in Barcelona. The Membership Commission, presided by Francisco Angelet, in collaboration with the recently appointed spokesperson for members in Aragon and Catalonia, Juan Vidal-Ribas, were responsible for organizing this gathering with local breeders and the ANCCE President.

    During the meeting, Juan Tirado emphasized the importance of being a full-fledged member of ANCCE. He expressed his appreciation for the effort to maintain ties with the Association. He insisted that from the Board of Directors, they will continue to work for the benefit of the sector in general, without forsaking any of its breeders.

    A number of topics were covered, including discounts for ANCCE members when requesting PRE Stud Book services, changes incorporated into the newest Rules and Regulations for Conformational-Functional Competitions, the drafting of a Judging Manual and the Technical Committee of Judges, promotions carried in such countries as Russia or China… among others.

    The fourteen breeders at the meeting and the President of ANCCE all coincided in their surprise that in Catalonia, there is not a single Conformation Competition, especially when it is a major PRE breeding area. Other locations with less significance hold competitions annually. Tirado offered all of the mechanism and aids currently available so that the breeders themselves can undertake such an initiative to coordinate and make it possible.
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/04/2016