• 05/12/2007

    ANCCE communiqué about the President and Torreluna

    OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUÉ FROM THE NATIONAL PUREBRED SPANISH HORSE BREEDERS’ ASSOCIATION (ANCCE) ABOUT THE EVENTS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER SICAB 2007, AS WELL AS CHANGES IN THE GOVERNING BODY Sevilla, on the 5th of December of 2007 1) Faced with the events that happened prior to, during and after the celebration of SICAB 2007, the ANCCE Executive Committee held an emergency and extraordinary meeting on November 29 at 4.00 pm at the Association offices, in which all of the member attended, either directly, or by proxy.  The aforementioned meeting of the Executive Committee unanimously adopted, and in application of the current association statues, agreed to: - Temporarily suspend Mr. Palma in his Executive functions and as President.

    - Propose informative proceedings against Mr. Palma Moreno and Mr. Castel Romero, in an effort to clarify the events described in these minutes. 

    - Call for an urgent meeting of the ANCCE Board of Directors to hold a meeting this next December 4 at 4 pm. 
    During the Executive Committee meeting, the various facts were explained which were noted in the minutes, the literal contents of which is included in Appendix 1, for better, and in depth knowledge of the events for ANCCE members.  2) Prior to the Executive Committee meeting, the main ANCCE office received a letter signed by Mr. José Palma Moreno, by which he presented his irrevocable resignation as President of the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association of Spain.  A copy of the said resignation is included herein as Appendix 2. 3) In compliance with the agreements of the Executive Committee, on the afternoon of December 4, an extraordinary Board of Directors’ meeting was held, with the presence of the directors, as listed in Appendix 3, which is included in this communiqué.  The following agreements were adopted at the said Board Meeting: - Accept the resignation of the President of ANCCE, presented in writing, and irrevocable, dated the 29th of November of 2007. The resolution was accepted with 65 votes in favor and one abstention.

    - Appoint Mr. Javier Conde Cerrato as the person to occupy the post as President of the Association, in application of articles 47 and 48 of association statutes.  Likewise, this motion was approved by 65 votes in favor and one abstention.

    - Begin informative proceedings against Mr. D. Luis Castell Romero to clarify the serious events that happened before, during and after the celebration of SICAB 2007.  This proposal was passed with 63 votes in favor, one against and two abstentions.

    - Begin informative proceedings against Mr. José Palma Moreno to clarify the serious events that happened before, during and after the celebration of SICAB 2007.  This proposal was adopted by 59 votes in favor, one against, and 6 abstentions.

    - Not to accept the written manifestation presented by Mr. José Palma Moreno dated December 4 of 2007.
    This information is provided to the members of the Association for the effects deemed applicable.  THE ANCCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

    [PDF] Download Official Comuniqué

    [PDF] Download Appendix 1: Executive Committe Meeting Minutes

    [PDF] Download Appendix 2: José Palma resignation

    [PDF] Download Appendiz 3: Presence of the Directors
  • Source — ANCCE — 05/12/2007