• 30/11/2015

    The Purebred Spanish Horse Opinion Forum Rewards USPRE for its Promotion of the PRE in the USA

    Every year and as has been customary for the past eight years, the Opinion Forum rewards outstanding people from the equestrian world. This past Friday, the Purebred Spanish Horse Opinion Forum, presided by Ernesto Vázquez, granted the FOECE Award to Kimberly Van Kampen, president of USPRE (United States PRE Association) in recognition of the efforts and merits of the Association she presides to disseminate the PRE horse, its breeding and its register in the US and Canada. This honor recognizes the Association’s excellence in recent years to promote the Purebred Spanish Horse in the US and the growth of the PRE community, not only as an increased number of breeders, but also in the amount and quality of PRE horses currently found in the US. Likewise, the US Association has worked to propagate equestrian art at all levels, with special emphasis on Dressage.

  • Source — ANCCE — 30/11/2015