• 25/11/2015

    Thank you note

    Dear Breeder,

    Even without having recuperated from the tremendous effort of organizing an event such as SICAB, and without wasting another minute, I want to thank you for your participation in this International PRE Trade Fair.

    Since my team accessed the government of ANCCE, we have worked to underscore the importance of breeders and members throughout the event. No doubt, you have observed this fact as our baseline to preserve and expand this recently concluded 25th edition.

    I would not like to be overly optimistic, but I believe that the new configuration of the Conformation Competition, adapting the timetable to carry it out in the same arena, the increase in breeder VIP boxes, the new competition arenas, the improved design of the stands and a number of other minor details have all helped this year’s SICAB anniversary attain excellence as never before. In my opinion, as a breeder and President, the most important SICAB milestones have been the normality and lack of incidences; it has been years since competitions have run so smoothly. Another significant factor, which is much more important, was the many transactions. In this regard, SICAB has fully complied with its vocation—to be a commercial showcase for our breed.

    The ample number of visitors, but above all else, the many breeders and enthusiast from abroad was impressive. This, in turn, confirms that the change of dates was precise, which will be maintained in the future.

    Obviously, I am aware that there were deficiencies and details that need improvement in the future. We are currently analyzing certain aspects so that they are not repeated again next year. However, in this regard, I would request your cooperation; in many cases when you view things from outside you are more objective, and our goal is to continue improving for the benefit of everyone.

    I am well aware that without your help, without the participation of your horses and your personal and economic efforts SICAB would be impossible. We, the breeders, are the protagonists of this event; its spine. SICAB is something that belongs to us all, to each and every member of ANCCE, independently of who is responsible for its organization every year. For this reason, I would like to express my appreciation for your confidence and participation and request your help to improve through your critique. 
      Once again, my greatest appreciation goes out to you!!

    Kindest regards,

    Juan Tirado Agudo
  • Source — ANCCE — 25/11/2015