• 22/11/2015

    SICAB’S 25th edition concluded with 10% more visits

    SICAB 2015 was characterized by the presence of international breeders and guests
    The 25th edition of the International PRE Trade Fair (SICAB 2015), organized by the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (ANCCE) has surpassed the 2014 statistics by 10%. As with previous editions, the weekend saw greater affluence; nevertheless, in comparison with previous years, there was an increased number of visitors as of Tuesday, the first day of the event. The new, online box office at www.sicabentradas.com sold 30% of all tickets.

    All in all, 1109 Purebred Spanish Horses, from 329 stud farms participated in SICAB. The most noteworthy was the number of international stud farm that travelled to Sevilla to enjoy the event; the organizer welcomed delegations from Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA, Denmark, Switzerland, China and the list continues. More than 300 journalists from eleven countries were on hand to cover SICAB for the world.

    SICAB online

    www.sicab.tv–from where all equestrian events are broadcast live—surpassed 350,000 visits from more than 80 countries. In addition to television, SICAB could be followed from handheld devices thanks to the official ANCCE Competition app. This app was used by 48,622 viewers from 52 countries.

    When it comes to social networks, Facebook, the official SICAB contact, was followed by 419,134 users. Twitter saw the same tendency with 5200 followers, and 5520 on Instagram.

    The PRE Awards were granted for the second consecutive year. This award honors people whose works integrate the many and recognized virtues of our beloved horse. The winners of this second edition of PRE Awards have been the Marquis of Griñón who was granted the PRE Art Award, International designer Elena Benarroch who was given the PRE Schooling Award and the PRE Cadence Award went to Olympic Show Jumper Alfredo Fernández-Durán. The Casa de Alba was granted the PRE Passion Award, Father Ángel and the PRE Nobility Award, while the PRE Greatness Award when to Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros.

    Lastly, ANCCE sought to honor its former presidents, as they, over the past 25 years, have been active participants in SICAB. These include Carmen Martínez de Sola, Ignacio Candau, Adolfo Sánchez de Movellán, José Palma and Javier Conde.

    The 2015 Honorary Member is the late Francisco Fernández-Daza, who was also honored. Francisco founded Yeguada Fernandez-Daza; he was also known as “heart of iron.” In addition to his outstanding work as a Conformation Judge, he greatly contributed to projecting the Purebred Spanish Horse abroad and collaborated with ANCCE since he began working for the association as a founding member where he worked under the leadership of the various presidents. All of these merits are well worthy of honor and tribute.

    This morning, the Special Awards for the 1st World PRE Championship were granted. The World Stallion Champion was for the horse Romero de Trujillo, owned by Yeguada Trujillo and bred by José Franco Sánchez; the World Mare Champion was Entrega Mather from Ganadería Mater Christi, with this stud farm earning the 2015 Best Breeder Award. The Reserve Best Breeder Award was forMª Fernanda de la Escalera de la Escalera.

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  • Source — ANCCE — 22/11/2015