• 11/11/2015

    Appointment of SICAB 2015, World PRE Championship Judges

    Draw to establish numbers and the distribution of horses in each round

    Here is the list of judges for the World PRE Championship at SICAB 2015:

    Conformation Judges:
    ​Higinio González Sánchez​
    ​J​avier ​B​ayo ​S​ánchez
    ​​José Luis Rubiales Ortiz​
    ​Manuel Serna ​-​Borja López
    ​​Vicente ​J​odar ​F​ern​á​ndez
    ​V​ictor ​M​anuel ​H​uertas V​ega

    ​Functionality Judges
    ​J​orge C​onde ​Lázaro
    ​A​ntonio ​Vázquez ​F​ern​á​ndez

    *The Functionality Competition will be judged jointly and the score provided on a single, agreed to score sheet, as established in the Rules & Regulations for Conformation Competitions.

    Yesterday morning, the draw to establish the order and numbers of the participants in the World PRE Championship was held. The results have been uploaded on the ANCCE Competition web site. You may consult all of the details 
  • Source — ANCCE — 11/11/2015