• 10/11/2015

    Draw to Assign Numbers for the World PRE Championship SICAB 2015

    Tomorrow, the 11th of November, at 12:00 (noon), there will be a draw to assign the numbers to the horses participating in the World PRE Championship at SICAB 2015. The draw will take place at the main ANCCE offices; it will be a random draw with the following protocol:

    - There will be two bags; one will contain the horses in a given section while the other will contain the order numbers.
    - Simultaneously, the numbers will be drawn from the bags to complete the various rounds.

    - For breeders with more than one horse in a section, the horses will be separated in rounds.

    - Should there be more horses than rounds, the horses will be separated by a five-minute interval.

    - The draw is open to the general public and breeders are invited to attend.

    SICAB Organizing Committee
  • Source — ANCCE — 10/11/2015