• 04/11/2015

    Food Bank & SICAB are the perfect team

    Each euro collected at SICAB will become two liters of cooking oil for the needy

    Once again, SICAB will show its solidarity by cooperating with the Food Bank. This organization is consolidating a fund-raising to collect resources for the needy.

    The Food Bank will be located in Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones (fairgrounds) dome; they will have money boxes where visitors may deposit the amount they consider appropriate. Once SICAB has concluded and the funds counted, for each euro given, the Ybarra Alimentación (food group) will donate one liter of cooking oil. La Masía oil producers will also donate in this same proportion.

    Last year, and equivalent of 10,000 liters of cooking oil were collected during SICAB. This oil was given to family in Sevilla suffering economic difficulties.

    The Food Bank is not the only organization offering its assistance to the needy. On Tuesday, the 17th of November, everyone who certifies that he/she is unemployed will have free access to SICAB to enjoy the various equestrian competitions, the commercial stands and the breeder atmosphere.
  • Source — ANCCE — 04/11/2015