• 04/11/2015

    SICAB.TV the broadcasting platform to advertise your stud farm or business

    20% discount on the general rate for any advertising format

    You are probably well aware that SICAB 2015 is just round the corner. In addition to the natural excitement of the event, this year we are celebrating 25 years of SICAB history. SICAB.TV has become our number one means of communication to follow all of the events from anywhere in the world. This audiovisual platform broadcasts SICAB live. In 2014, there were well over 325,000 viewers from more than sixty countries who were connected. That translates into more than 80 hours of live broadcasts and 900 hours of video on demand.

    Internet based broadcasts overcome geographical barriers. This year, we have reached an agreement with a specialized equestrian portal in China that will link up with SICAB.TV. There will also be web access.

    SICAB.TV is the perfect showcase to promote your stud farm or business. It is a specialized communication media, backed by an important number of hits, which translated into real audience data.

    For further information, please email prensa@ancce.com or call +34-954-689-260 (option 2).
  • Source — ANCCE — 04/11/2015