• 03/11/2015

    Geotextile at SICAB

    SICAB is adapting to international competition models with the incorporation of arenas with geotextile and silica sand. Such materials provide important benefits both for the actual horses as well as for maintenance, as injuries are avoided, thus making it much more functional in terms of care.

    The main characteristic of this material is its stability. It absorbs the impacts of hooves. Thanks to this fact, limbs suffer less and the risk of injury is reduced.

    In addition to the benefits for the horses, this material has a number of characteristics that aid in its maintenance. It absorbs humidity better, reduces dust in the arena and avoids the movement of sand. Due to these facts, this is the preferred material for equestrian competitions all over the world.

    At SICAB, Pavilion 1, the warm-up arena and the competition arena in Pavilion 3 will be covered by geotextile.
  • Source — ANCCE — 03/11/2015