• 03/11/2015

    Caja Rural del Sur signs a commitment with SICAB

    The savings & loan bank is a major SICAB sponsor to create a collaborative structure with ANCCE that continues over time.
    Caja Rural del Sur has been incorporated into the list of official sponsors of SICAB 2015 (the International PRE Trade Fair), to be held from the 17th to the 22nd of November at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos (Fair Grounds) in Sevilla.

    The sponsoring agreement between ANCCE as the organizer of SICAB, and Caja Rural del Sur (savings & loan bank) was signed at the main offices of the institution in Sevilla by José Luis García Palacios, president of Caja Rural del Sur and Miguel Moreno, member of the SICAB Commission and the ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission.

    José Luis García Palacios pointed out that it is "an enormous satisfaction for Caja Rural del Sur to once again be a SICAB sponsor thanks to this agreement with ANCCE, as it is an event that our bank has backed on previous occasions. With the passing time, (SICAB) has become a world reference for the equine world; moreover, it is a very important sector for Andalusian economy. That is why we want to once again show our support for SICAB and with this, boost and contribute to future growth and of course, ANCCE’s activity.”


    Along these same lines, Miguel Moreno—representing ANCCE—expressed his appreciation and reiterated the importance of counting on “the support of a private invest such as Caja Rural del Sur, as a finance organization that is a reference for breeders and agriculture; one that decisively confides in outstanding events that generate so many benefits.” Moreno insisted on the importance of the Purebred Spanish Horse, especially when considering exports. Also, he underlined the importance of SICAB for Sevilla’s economy, indicating that “we are talking about an event that is as important as the April Fair or Easter Week, by being the third most important socioeconomic event in the city.”

    By signing this agreement, ties between Caja Rural and ANCCE have been established to create a collaboration structure that lasts over time.

    Every year, SICAB welcomes 200,000 visitors and some one thousand PRE horses. This year, the World PRE Championship has been created. Both the quality of evening equestrian show performances and the various competitions make SICAB a reference for the Purebred Spanish Horse.

    The economic contributions from sponsors are a guarantee for SICAB success, as they aid in covering the necessary investment to prepare the venue for the various equestrian competitions and exhibitions.
  • Source — ANCCE — 03/11/2015