• 06/11/2015

    Training courses for the equine sector at SICAB 2015

    The 2015 Breeding Catalogs for Conformation, Dressage and Eventing will be presented
    ANCCE, the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain, is organizing technical courses for breeders, enthusiasts and anyone interested in the equine sector on the 18th and 19th of November. These courses coincide with SICAB 2015, the International PRE Trade Fair, in Sevilla. At the same time, the 2015 Breeding Catalog will be presented, both for Conformation as well as for Dressage and Eventing).

    The first workshop is planned for Wednesday, the 18th of November. The 2015 Catalog of PRE Breeding Stock for Dressage and Eventing will be presented. Its interpretation and how it can be used will also be explained. Moreover, a speaker will discuss the functional longevity in Dressage for PREs, the genetic assessment of stress as shown by infrared thermography or the inheritability of conformation defects in the PRE.

    The second workshop is planned for Thursday, the 19th of November. The 2015 Catalog of PRE Breeding Stock for Conformation Traits for Dressage will be presented, as well as how it is to be used. Also, speeches will be given about the design of the PRE gene bank, the application of biotechnologies and cytogenetics in when improving equine breeding programs.

    Both sessions will also be moderated by Dr. Merecedes Valera, a specialist in Equine Genetics and Breeding Programs for the MERAGEM Research Group. Other equine specialists will also be participating.

    All participants in these courses will be invited to the Show that day. (Previously, the participant must have paid the Fairgrounds access ticket).

    To register for any of these workshops—and before the November 12th deadline—send an e-mail to: mangeles@ancce.com. Please include the following information:

    - Full name:
    - ID number:
    - The course/s you wish to attend:
    - Postal address:
    - Telephone number:
    - E-mail:
    - Profession:
    - Company for whom you work:
  • Source — ANCCE — 06/11/2015