• 30/10/2015

    Rules & Regulations for SICAB 2015

    Application of the Rules

    In an effort to avoid interpretation problems with the SICAB 2015 Rules & Regulations, the Organizing Committee, at the request of the ANCCE Executive and the Competition Committees would like to clarify the following aspect to everyone participating in SICAB. These points will be applied in the Conformation Competition and are applicable to all horses and breeders due to the simple fact that they are participating in the Competition.

    - In general, the 2015 Conformation Competition Rules & Regulations, as published by ANCCE, will be applied for the competitions being carried out.

    - SICAB, as of this edition, will be considered a World Championship. Therefore, the winners will be awarded this recognition.

    - For the Final, only those horse that have qualified previously at any of the competitions held throughout the year will be accepted, and in keeping with the mandates of the General Rules & Regulations.

    - The Competition Commissioner or in his/her absence the Steward, may perform the necessary verifications to determine whether a horse has suffered artificial alterations, its phenotypic characteristics, dying of its mane and/or tail, alteration of body marks, the coloring of hooves with any material that is not colorless grease and all those aspects stated in Article 31, Section 8, point 4 of the General Rules & Regulations. Having confirmed artificial alterations, the Commissioner, or in his/her absence the Steward, shall order the affected horse to leave the arena, and said horse will automatically be eliminated from the competition for all purposes.

    - Regarding Chapters VI and VII of the General Rules & Regulations, and should special circumstances arise, including but not limited to the behavior of breeders, riders, presenters or any other participant in the event in which his/her actions alter or hinder the normal progress of the competition, the Organizing Committee may adopt the decisions deemed appropriate, as would be the case. Such decisions could lead to the immediate removal from the Championship, both of the person/s causing the incident, as well as the horses from the stud farm/s involved, whatever that person’s professional status, whether he/she is the owner or representative of said stud farm.

    - Prior to the commencement of the Competition, the Organizing Committee will publish the tentative program that includes specifics regarding those making up the competition, including Judges, Commissioners, Technical Directors, Admissions Judge, Appeals Jury, etc.

  • Source — ANCCE — 30/10/2015