• 30/10/2015

    Promotional activities in China

    From this Commission, we have pioneered promotional activities in China. These have proven to be very advantageous to disseminate the goodness of the Purebred Spanish Horse. Several weeks ago, two members of ANCCE, Miguel Moreno as a member of this Commission, and Manuel González, the Executive Secretary, travelled to China with the task of positioning the PRE horse and opening the market there.

    Our Commission has fixed its sights on China, and more specifically on Beijing, because it is a city with thirty million inhabitants and a hundred and thirty riding clubs. Also, the government is freeing up land throughout the country to continue construction projects. Thus, riding is a growing sport, especially of interest to the Chinese government that is seeking to make riding a more popular and less exclusive sport.

    A multitude of European riders are training, teaching and competing in China, thanks to which, there are a growing number of equestrian competitions. After visiting the country and the conversations held, we consider that the Purebred Spanish Horse could enjoy a warm welcome as it is a docile and ideal horse for novice learners. The subject of safety is a concern for parents, in which case, the PRE becomes the perfect option.

    All in all, ANCCE representatives held more than a dozen meetings to establish ties with riding clubs, horse importers, riding schools and the specialized press.

    One of the most important meetings was with www.cchorse.com. This specialized equestrian portal has more followers than any other. An initial agreement was reached with them to broadcast SICAB equestrian events live. Thus, it will be the perfect showcase to display the qualities of our horse and its versatility for the various equestrian disciplines.

    Another important meeting on the agenda was with the Agricultural Attaché at the Embassy of Spain, who reported about the economic situation and the equestrian sector. This sector is growing at a considerable rate. Other important matters discussed included the export protocol when exporting horses from Spain, which was recently restarted, and the need to negotiate the prohibition to export foreign horses as this would limit promotion through shows and exhibitions.

    Some of the contacts maintained in China will be coming to SICAB to learn more about the Purebred Spanish Horse. As agreements are reached, we will be reporting the details. As always, we are open to any suggestions and proposals that you may have.
    Kind Regards,

    Pedro Pingarrón
    Press, Promotion and Marketing Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 30/10/2015