• 29/10/2015

    Presentation of horses for sale in the arena at SICAB 2015

    Every year, SICAB becomes the main market place for Spanish horses. In some cases, there is just no right moment or an ideal place to show our horses to a possible customer.

    From the Membership Commission, we have channeled this desire to provide time in the arena for the presentation of horses for sale. This practice is commonplace at international horse fairs such as Equitana.

    A Spanish-English commentator will announce the horse’s main information such as age, brand, training or dressage level, bloodline, offspring, etc. The horse will be granted five (5) minutes for show in the arena, either under saddle or in hand. Each horse will enter the arena twice. A set of horses will be presented on Wednesday and Friday; another group on Thursday and Saturday.

    The horses selected to be shown in the arena will be from among those entered in SICAB, in any category, including Exhibition, but on a first-come-first-serve bases. There is a limit of twenty horses, due to the availability of arenas. A waiting list will be drafted for cases in which a horse foreseen to enter the arena has been sold, thus allowing another one to take its place.

    The presentation schedule will be included on the official program and will be available daily at the ANCCE office for those wishing to consult.

    If you are interested in this latest opportunity to sell your horse/s, please read the specifics provided herein. Fill out the entry form and send it to the address indicated below.
    - 5 minutes per horse & arena.
    - 1 horse at a time in the arena.
    - The participating horse must be entered in any of the categories seen at SICAB, including “exhibition.”
    - The horse must be owned by (in the name of) the member in the PRE Stud Book. – Fill out the entry form 
    - There will be a commentator in both Spanish and English who will announce data regarding each horse and coordinate the time in the arena, as well as entries and exits.
    - The presenter must wear the attire that corresponds with the discipline.
    - Dressage with Vaquera or Dressage suit.
    - In hand, wearing “traje corto” (Andalusian country attire) or country attire with jacket and tie, or dressage competition suit.
    - The entry order will be established based on sex and age.
    - Should a horse be sold (before entering into the arena) that place will be granted to another horse on the waiting list.

    This activity is exclusively for Full-fledged Members; the price is €50 + 21% VAT (€60.50) in addition to the horse’s entry free to participate in other SICAB activities.

    Email your entry form, together with the payment receipt, to inmasegura@ancce.com before the 8th of November.

    Membership Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/10/2015