Atlanta ‘96 was the first time that the Spanish dressage team reached an Olympic final. It must be highlighted that this was the first time that PRE horses had participated. Their names: EVENTO, FLAMENCO and INVASOR (the latter as reserve). INVASOR was the youngest horse of all those entered for dressage, which is an example of the breed’s intelligence and will to work.

Sydney 2000 was the next step; the team included INVASOR and DISTINGUIDO, and finished in 7th place.

Spain’s development exploded at the 2002 WEG at JEREZ, where the team won the bronze medal, again with INVASOR and DISTINGUIDO.

The Spanish dressage team won the team silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, only being beaten by Germany.

Two PRE horses were part of this team: INVASOR and OLEAJE, ridden by Rafael Soto and Ignacio Rambla respectively.

In the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, Fuego XII, ridden by Juan Manuel Muñoz was a member of the Spanish Olympic team

At the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games, the Spanish Dressage Team included three PRE horses:  Fuego XII, Norte and Gnidium.  Fuego placed fifth in the overall list.
In Competition Carriage Driving, the Spanish Horse has participated in several world championships, with Juan Robles and Antonio Carrillo being the most outstanding drivers.

Since the setting up of the PRE Improvement Program, handled by ANCCE, the corresponding Breeding Stock Catalogues have been published annually and can be found on the ANCCE web-site: 

The Spanish Horse was used to create several Central European warm-blooded breeds. Today stallions are being used to improve a large number of sports horse stud farms in this field.

Its mental balance, intelligence, willingness to work and harmony of form, bestow the PRE extraordinary capacity for collection.