Monthly follow-up of video-based horse training.

Videos must be no longer than 10 minutes.

The interested breeder may send his/her video to ANCCE during the first week of each month, showing the work with his/her horse. Later, the coordinator of the Seasonal Sports Plan, Jose Daniel Martin Dockx, will view them, draft a technical report, and the second week of the week have conversation with the rider and his/her trainer to discuss problems and doubts in an effort to help horse and rider improve.

The price of the ANCCE E-TRAINING program is thirty euros (30€) plus VAT for each horse and month for members of ANCCE and sixty euros (60€) per horse and month for non-members. Space is limited to twenty (20) horses; each stud farm may present a maximum of two (2) horses.

DATES 2021:

The Registration Period for is now open.

e-Training date in February:
Encounter date: Wednesday, February 3rd
Send in videos: until Sunday, January 31st

e-Training dates in March:
Encounter date: Thursday, March 11th
Send in videos: until Monday, March 8th

e-Training dates in April:
Encounter date: Thursday, April 15th
Send in videos: until Monday, April 12th

e-Training dates in June:
Encounter date: Wednesday, June 17th
Send in videos: until Sunday, June 13th

e-Training dates in September:
Encounter date: Tuesday, September 28th
Send in videos: until Tuesday, September 21th

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