Spanish horses are noble, tolerant and hardworking; they have big hearts and are heroic. With such characteristics, they are a valid horse for many tasks; they even grant a pleasant first-time riding experience to someone who has never been in a saddle.

Such traits are not the result of chance; they have been achieved by refining the natural characteristics of a working, submissive and resistant horse. This has made the PRE the perfect partner for mankind, when winning battles in times past or as an essential tool for agricultural tasks.

As technology excelled over animal force, the Purebred Spanish Horse has had time to excel and perfect itself in a number of disciplines such as mounted bullfighting—rejoneo as it is known in Spanish—acoso y derribo (the testing of young bulls) and Doma Vaquera (involving traditional country tasks). In all of these categories, the PRE is most outstanding for its ability to work and its courage, which allows it to react against its natural instinct to avoid natural adversities, including facing up to a fighting bull.