• 03/03/2016

    List of spokespersons by geographical zone

    Dear Member,

    It is my pleasure to contact you on behalf of the Membership Commission, which I am honored to preside. The aim of this Commission is to bring members closer to ANCCE, share topics of interest, suggestions, ideas or concerns and present these to the corresponding decision-making body (Commissions, Executive Committee, etc).

    In an effort to facilitate and improve our efforts, we have created the spokesperson for members. The spokesperson is close at hand for breeders as they are in their same geographical zone. These people will transmit information to both breeders and the Association and vice versa.

    Use the link provided below to download the list of spokespersons. Feel free to contact the spokesperson in your area with your suggestions or questions. Also, the Membership Commission is open and available for any need you may have.

    [PDF] List of spokespersons by geographical zone

    We are happy to work and respond to our members regarding any question involving breeder activities.

    Remember that the Membership Commission has the following make up:
    Francisco Angelet

    Román Romero
    Desirée Lang
    Carlos Montijano
    José Mª Sanz Parejo
    José Varo Garrido
    Manuel Fernández

    ANCCE belongs to its breeders. Just like you, those of us in the Association government are breeders; therefore, I encourage you to play an active role in your Association. Please send us any contribution you may have to help us improve our services.

    Francisco Angelet
    President of the Membership Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 03/03/2016