• 19/02/2016

    Canal Sur TV broadcasts the 2015 SICAB show 'This is our horse'

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of February at 10:30

    This Saturday, ANCCE and Canal Sur TV join forces with music and performing arts to present viewers with a sample of beauty, nobility, versatility and the potential of the Purebred Spanish Horse to broadcast the SICAB 2015 show, “This is Our Horse”.

    The program will then be uploaded to the channels web site within the section A la Carta

    The show, under the direction of Antonio Moya, tells the fictional story of a sire stallion born 25 years ago and that in 1997 was the Spanish National Champion at SICAB.

    Once again, SICAB has congregated the most important national and international stars that have earned the praise and respect of both the general audience and critics. These performances are considered some of the best shows of all times.

    If you missed the show at SICAB, enjoy the broadcast tomorrow at 10:30. Also, contacts with other regional TV channels are underway throughout Spain to broadcast this same show.
  • Source — ANCCE — 19/02/2016