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Noticia 19/10/2010
SICAB 2010: general information and entries

November 23-28, the dates for the upcoming 2010 edition of SICAB (Salón Internacional del Caballo), is just around the corner.  Therefore, we would like to inform you of a number of matters: 1. COMPETITIONS
As has been the case in previous years, as well as the Final of the Spanish National Championships for PRE Stallions and Mares, various other competitions in other competitive disciplines will be held during the Fair. Both the entry fees and the economic prizes will be laid out in this newsletter. - The cost of each entry, in all the disciplines (except carriage driving and Dressage) will be the same, €120 (+ 18% VAT), with the right to a box.
- Should you wish to have a box to use as a tack room, you must pay an additional €200 (+ 18 % VAT).
-  Placings and scores in the Classic Young Horse Circuit and the ANCCE Cup for Dressage can be found on the web-site:
- The prize money will be as follows: o DRESSAGE: The entry fee for this discipline will be €120 (+ 18% VAT) for Full Members and €150 (+18% VAT) for all other competitors. All the tests will have the same prize money:
   1st- €1,050
   2nd- €810
   3rd- €540
   4th- €360
   5th- €240 o DOMA VAQUERA: We will inform you about the prize money shortly. 
o ALTA ESCUELA (Spanish High School): We will inform you about the prize money shortly. 
o SHOW JUMPING: We will inform you about the prize money shortly. 
o EXHIBITION COMPETITION: The exhibitions will be free-style, and may include any competitive or artistic style.  Their duration must not exceed 6 minutes. Those taking the top places will perform at the 2010 SICAB closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon, the 28th of November. The prize money will be:
  1st- €1,250
  2nd- €850
  3rd-  €650
  4th-  €450
  5th-  €250
o CARRIAGE DRIVING: The cost for entry will be €150    (+18% VAT) for singles, 200 € (+18% VAT) for pairs and 250 € (+18% VAT) for teams (4-in-hand). The prize money will be as follows:
      PAIRS        TEAMS (4-IN-HAND)           SINGLES 
      €1,050             €1,450                         €800 
      €750                €1,050                         €300
      €350                €650                            €200
The organization understands that the stated prize money corresponds to the gross amount with all legally applicable retentions or deductions being applied to these amounts.
In all competitions, to be eligible for prize money, the participating stallions and mares must provide proof that they are registered in the PRE Stud Book, whether they are entire or geldings or whether they have been approved for breeding or not.
Included herein are the various entry forms for all of the various competitive disciplines and competitions.  Please note that, except in the case of Dressage, in which all participating horses previously qualified for the final may compete in accordance with the Regulations for the 2010 ANCCE Cup, there is a maximum number of places per competition; therefore the entry form should be completed and sent to us as soon as possible, to avoid exclusion.
As always, only those horses that have previously qualified at one of the competitions making up the Spanish National Championships may take part in the final. The entry fee is the same as last year, that is, €300.00 per horse entered, although for full and associate members of ANCCE, the entries will be subsidized as follows: - FULL MEMBERS OF ANCCE: each of the first three horses entered will be subsidized to the tune of € 175.00, and for every horse that exceeds this number the subsidy will rise to € 190.00.
- ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF ANCCE: the subsidy will be €120.00 per horse entered. Should you want to rent a box to be used as a tack room, the cost will be €200.00 (+18% VAT) for full and associate members and €300.00 (+18% IVA) for non-members, for the conformation competition.  Please note that, this year, boxes are subject to availability. All the fees mentioned—both the entry fees for the horses and the reservation of boxes—are subject to the corresponding eighteen percent value-added tax (18 % VAT). The deadline for entries will be the 5th of November.  This date will not be extended under any circumstance. Entries will only come into effect once they have been paid in full. Once payment for an entry has been made, the fee will, under no circumstance, be returned, as the organization has to calculate the necessary requirements from suppliers, and uses the actual number of horses entered as a reference. Stud farm publicity is only allowed on pens and with the Association authorized format, which is 50 x 70 cm, and must never be higher than the pen.
As always, there will be an official SICAB competition catalogue; all stud farms interested may contract publicity. The deadline for requests for insertions and the reception of originals is the 29th of October. Included herein is the form to request publicity in this catalogue, which must be completed and sent back to the ANCCE office. The current fees for stud farm publicity for this year can be found on the aforementioned form. Please remember that space for the stud farm publicity is limited, therefore it is in your best interest to act quickly.
All full members who have fulfilled their monetary obligations with ANCCE will receive two (2) breeder passes. Each pass provides access for one person, both to the actual grounds as well as the Breeders’ Grandstand during the Show on Tuesday, November 23, Wednesday 24, Thursday 25, Friday 26 and the afternoon session on Saturday, the 27th. On Saturday morning and Sunday the Breeders’ Grandstand will be closed to breeders and the seats sold to the general public.  Breeder passes may be collected at the ANCCE Stand as of the 20th of November. All associate members who have paid their dues and fees are eligible to one pass, which will provide access to the grounds from Tuesday to Sunday. This pass may be collected from the ANCCE stand-office in Pavilion 1, as of the 20th of November. Prior to this, associate members will receive an invitation—by mail—to access the grounds, so that they can collect their corresponding Associate Member passes.
Full members of ANCCE will receive two (2) invitations—by mail—to access the grounds, so that they can collect their corresponding Breeders’ passes as well as the two (2) invitations, valid for two (2) people, to access the Inaugural Show on Tuesday, the 23rd of November, at 8pm. All breeders participating at SICAB with horses entered in the Conformation Competition will receive two invitations to enter the grounds, for each horse entered. Those breeders who have horses participating solely in the ANCCE Cup Finals for Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Alta Esucela, Carriage Driving and the Exhibition Competition, will receive two invitations for each horse competing, if and when the horse is not competing in the conformation competition as well. All full members of ANCCE may, in an effort to avoid the line up at the box office, purchase up to ten (10) invitations at a reduced prices (€ 6), while above that amount, invitations may be purchased at the standard price of ten euros (€ 10). Breeders who have contracted a stand in the Breeders’ Marquee have a right to:
- 1 invitation for each square meter contracted, up to a maximum of 70 meters.
- 3 exhibitor passes for every 16 square meters of space, with a maximum of nine (9) per stand. We would like all participants at SICAB to know that the organizers are not responsible for theft in the area of the boxes or breeder stands.  No insurance company will cover such an event. Therefore, we request that you take extra measures to be careful when it comes to safeguarding valuables.
To enter a horse, rent a stand, receive breeder documentation or participate in SICAB 2009, you must have fulfilled ALL economic obligations with ANCCE.
As was the case last year, we have a ticket-reservation system for SICAB 2010. The information for the reservation process has been published on the ANCCE web-sites: and In addition, information about this can be requested from the ANCCE Offices, at:

[PDF] Request for entry in SICAB 2010 Catalogue

[PDF] Donation of Trophies

[PDF] Conformation Competition Entry Form

[PDF] ANCCE Dressage Cup Entry Form

[PDF] ANCCE Doma Vaquera Cup Entry Form

[PDF] ANCCE Alta Escuela (Spanish High School) Cup Entry Form

[PDF] ANCCE Carriage Driving Cup Entry Form

[PDF] ANCCE Show-jumping Cup Entry Form

[PDF] Exhibition Competition Entry Form
Source:  ANCCE
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